Seniors and Healthy Heart Care — 3 Essential Tips

Seniors and Healthy Heart Care -- 3 Essential TipsThe human body is an amazing machine that’s made up of a number of amazing parts. An array of complicated systems operates like clockwork to ensure that the body keeps moving through life, and the heart is chief among the physiological components that make it all happen. These days, people around the world are much more health conscious than ever before, with significantly decreased rates of smoking and other unhealthy behaviors in addition to a greater interest in eating right and getting enough exercise. As a result, incidences of heart disease have dropped among many members of the population. But for seniors, it’s especially important to do whatever is possible to ensure excellent heart health in the later years of life.

If you have a senior loved one in your life, taking care of the heart is something that should be a priority, no matter how healthy your parent or grandparent may be otherwise. For some seniors, this will mean dropping some old habits while learning some new ones. For others, it will mean ensuring that they continue on a heart-healthy path through their lives.

Here are three great tips to help you make sure your senior loved one has a strong, healthy heart!

Senior Heart Health Tip #1 — Get the Right Groceries

If you shop for a senior or accompany them on their trips to buy groceries, you probably deal with a list of very familiar items and staples. But it’s important to know which foods are good for the heart, and which ones should be avoided.

  • In order to remain heart healthy, it’s important to keep foods like fruits, vegetables (especially colorful ones!), nuts and whole-grain items at the top of the list.
  • Foods that should be avoided include butter (and other high-fat dairy products), fatty meats and highly processed, sugary items.
  • Fatty fish is actually a great heart-healthy choice that can satisfy a craving for animal protein, so stock up!
  • Also, be sure to pay attention to nutrition labels — just because something says it’s “heart healthy” doesn’t mean that it’s actually good for your loved one’s heart!

Senior Heart Health Tip #2 — Move the Body

Exercise is one of the keys to keeping a healthy body throughout life. And for seniors, it’s one of the more crucial aspects of maintaining a strong heart.

Regular exercise is known to help prevent heart disease, especially when it’s combined with a nutritious, heart-healthy diet. It can also reduce stress significantly, which is critical when it comes to making sure the heart operates at a high level.

In addition to the many heart-based benefits of exercise, it also contributes to a decreased likelihood of diabetes and other diseases. And it’s not necessary to spend hours in the gym, either! All it takes is a nice brisk walk several days a week.

Senior Heart Health Tip #3 — Follow Doctors’ Orders!

Pay attention to what the doctor says about your loved one’s heart and be sure to follow his or her instructions. That may mean taking medications on a regular basis, or it might mean a specific diet or exercise regimen.

A compassionate in-home care provider can help your senior loved one stay on track with all aspects of a heart-healthy life!

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